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Master of Science in Psychology



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Gilbert, Janelle


The following study examines the impact that perceptions of organizational continuity (POC) have on organizational identification (OI) and organizational outcomes, including organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs) and turnover intentions. It was proposed that POC would be an important factor in determining OI, OCBs, and turnover intentions. In order to test this proposition, a scale was developed that measured an individual’s POC within their organization with regards to the organization’s culture and history. A survey was distributed among working individuals that contained the new measure of POC and other established measures of an organization’s culture and values. The sample consisted of 394 participants. The results showed that the construct of POC consisted of perceiving the organization’s culture and values as continuous over time. Additionally, the measure predicted OCBs and turnover intentions. POC did not, however, predict these outcomes over and above OI. Mediation analyses showed that OI mediated the relationship between POC and OCBs/turnover, thus, providing evidence to show that POC is a contributing factor in the development of an individual’s identification with an organization. This investigation extends research in the area of OI from the social identity perspective by providing the basis for understanding and measuring one of the components that leads to identification with an organization.