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Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership and Curriculum

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Mahoney, Marita


The purpose of this study was to apply a mixed-methods approach using an exploratory case study design to identify the impacts of a physical activity intervention program on student engagement in an elementary school setting. This exploratory case study research examined teachers’ perceptions of student engagement prior to and following implementation of a classroom-based physical activity intervention program, ABC for Fitness. Participants completed the Teacher Assessment of Student Engagement survey of student engagement and behavior, participated in an ABC for Fitness workshop, semi-structured interviews, a question and answer session, a mid-point check-in, and completed daily written behavior incident logs. Results indicated three main findings: 1) intervention teachers’ ratings and perceptions of student engagement improved; 2) intervention teachers’ attitudes towards students improved; and, 3) intervention teachers’ level of engagement in the classroom improved following implementation of the ABC for Fitness program. The demonstration of the ABC for Fitness program on student engagement levels during the three week intervention examination of its long-term effectiveness. With so much of the public educational discussion revolving around student engagement and student success, a detailed look into a classroom-based physical activity program would be a cost-effective approach to student engagement which is linked to student success.