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Master of Social Work


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Dr. Rosemary McCaslin


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has affected millions of veterans who have served in the United States Military. PTSD causes severe impairments in one's mental health, and is correlated with homelessness, substance abuse, and unemployment. Recently, the United States Department Veterans Affairs has been funded more to improve services of mental health and other health care services. Specifically, this study was interested in exploring the perceptions that veterans have of the quality of services that have been provided for PTSD.

Results indicated that the participants who utilized services felt individual and family therapy services were most helpful in reducing PTSD symptoms. Medication was less helpful suggesting further research on what types of medication are helpful. Participants also reported group therapy and service connected disability financial assistance were not helpful even though a majority of participants did not access it. Research indicates that veterans do not perceive services to be helpful; therefore they do not utilize them.

Additional research can focus on exploring why veterans have not utilized services. Social workers can intervene by educating veterans about PTSD and the services that are provided in addition to other community agencies. Furthermore, social workers can evaluate returning veterans and their perception of the quality of services they have received to further improve services.

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