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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Tong Lai Yu


Nowadays Android operating system based mobile phones and tablets are widely used and had millions of users around the world. The popularity of this operating system is due to its multi-tasking, ease of access and diverse device options. “Java Programming Speech Recognition Application” is an Android application used for handicapped individuals who are not able or have difficultation to type on a keyboard. This application allows the user to write a compute program (in Java Language) by dictating the words and without using a keyboard. The user needs to speak out the commands and symbols required for his/her program. The program has been designed to pick up the Java constant keywords (such as ‘boolean’, ‘break’, ‘if’ and ‘else’), similar to the word received by the speech recognizer system in the application. The “Java Programming Speech Recognition Application” contains external plug-ins such as programming editor and a speech recognizer to record and write the program. These plug-ins come in the form of libraries and pre-coded folders which have to be attached to the main program by the developer.