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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



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Paegle, Julie


This novel follows three individuals struggling with isolation and loneliness. Rina, a twenty-two year-old college student is studying abroad in Japan when she learns of her grandfather’s death. As his last living relative, she decides to leave her studies and a burgeoning romance to take care of her grandfather’s final affairs. At his funeral she meets Marcus, a mysterious man whose past ties in with her own. Marcus gives Rina the opportunity to uncover secrets surrounding her family and forces her to question not only her grandfather’s past but also her own identity. Tilnu is an immortal with a foggy memory of the past. He believes he is a fallen angel trying to reclaim his place in heaven by devoting his life to the hunting and killing of demons. After fighting a particularly powerful demon, he finds himself indebted to a young woman who guilts him into being her companion and prompts him to doubt his convictions about his own place in the world. Marcus, a demon able to live on Earth by making bonds to people, is caught between a rock and a hard place. After meeting Rina, he is unable to ignore his memories of past mistakes. With his time on Earth suddenly limited, and the persistent hunter Tilnu on his tail, he fears it may be too late to make up for his past sins against Rina and her family.

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