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Master of Social Work


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McCaslin, Rosemary



Stressors that custodial grandmothers face while raising children with disabilities can be more overwhelming compared to stressors experienced by grandmothers of non-disabled children. Strategies and various supports were looked into in order to determine how custodial grandmothers practice self-care so they may experience positive mental health outcomes. A purposive sample of custodial grandmothers was surveyed and the results obtained provided some support on how self-care is and is not practiced in order to manage stress. This study resulted in non-significant findings, which did not support the hypotheses. Additional analysis was used to gauge levels of stress, but could not provide evidence to support the hypotheses. Overall, understanding the challenges custodial grandmothers face while raising disabled children has provided insight to the occurring stressors, practicing of self-care to aid in promotion of positive mental health outcomes, and the need for further research to address this population of people.

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