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Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology



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Mark Agars


In today's growing workforce, there is a need for individuals to feel worthwhile and valuable for the work that they do in an organization, with the experience of meaningfulness at work seen as increasingly important among employees. The purpose of this study was to investigate work-family identity and its role in experiences of work meaningfulness. Specifically, we utilized a cross-sectional survey design to examine the moderating effects of boundary management and FSSB in determining the relationship between identity and experiences of work meaningfulness. We tested our hypotheses using data collected from 196 employees who were categorized as either “work-identified” or “family-identified.” Results showed a main effect for identity and experiences of meaningfulness and supported the role of FSSB as a moderator in the relationship between identity and work meaningfulness. Implications of our findings along with limitations of this study and directions for future research are also discussed.