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Master of Social Work


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McCaslin, Rosemary, Ph.D.


This paper will discuss the barriers to the elderly population and how providing in home therapy could reduce depression in order to provide a better long lasting life. There are high levels of depression related to psychological problems, aging and illness. Depression can be associated with cumulative loss, restricted sense of control and declining abilities. The main problem is that elderly individuals tend to isolate so they will not seek help to address their depression. Providing guidance and support to the elderly will allow them to be able to function longer, remain independent, and extend their life.

The total number of participants that were recruited for the study was twenty two. This study examined social workers’ awareness and knowledge regarding depression among the elderly and their perception if providing in home therapy will reduce depression among the elderly. Both quantitative and qualitative methodologies were used to give the researcher a systematic illustration of their perception. Findings from this study provide an understanding of the stigma associated with depression. Participants in the study indicated various levels of knowledge regarding depression among the elderly. Researcher suggests further research and examination if older adults would be receptive to receiving therapeutic services in their home and if those services will have a significant impact in improving their overall health, function and quality of life.

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