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Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing



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Paegle, Julie


O Rotting Sun is a pair of long narrative poems that leap, spanning over an epic-length manuscript—175 pages of prose block, lyrical verse, and projective verse. Its chief poetic-operational modes are: inclusion, fragmentation, textual destructions, intentional omissions, intentional misspelling, large narrative leaps; all of which engage a poetics of doubt and multiplicity. O Rotting Sun is a jarring and jangly poem of resistance, intended if possible, for being read aloud and argued with: a provocation of intense meditation, reflection, and when successful, disintegration of anger & agonism—followed by a reintegration of the reader back into a community of change and hope. These poems are an invitation to that hero’s journey which is sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful, sometimes both. I wish to welcome my heroic, wonderful, deep reader into this new world of O Rotting Sun.

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