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Master of Social Work


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Rosemary McCaslin



This study explored the perceived needs of ex-offenders. Empirical research reports that individuals who have been incarcerated are at risk of recidivism. This study used a qualitative research design and the data was collected from in-depth interviews with ten participants. The study found that lack of income and education has impacted the number of individuals who are failing to successfully reintegrate into society. This study also revealed that the lack of employment, housing, community resources, correctional rehabilitation, and vocational training have the ability to challenge successful reintegration. This study recommends that an increase in transitional services be rendered to ex-offends, as policy and practice. The types of services that the study recommends implementing are first, a greater amount of employment counseling and second, an increase in linkage between the ex-offends and support services in the ex-offender’s areas of need. It is recommended that there is further research of successful outcomes.