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Master of Social Work


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Li, Yawen


The rising threat of opioid misuse among children and adolescents demands urgent attention. Despite documented increases in opioid misuse among school-aged children and adolescents, internship placements in conjunction with academic institutions neglect training of mental health interns in school-based settings, specifically in the areas of opioid education and intervention. To meet the multifaceted needs of children and adolescents who misuse opioids, it is imperative to conduct research and provide thorough training for mental health interns. The purpose of this study is to assess the levels of knowledge and confidence of mental health interns concerning opioid misuse and the perceived benefit of training. It seeks to identify the training gaps mental health interns encounter when providing support services to school-aged children and adolescents in educational settings. Utilizing a cross-sectional quantitative survey, the research will explore the variation of the interns' understanding and capabilities in addressing opioid-related issues. The implications extend beyond academia, as the study will recommend areas for future research and offer insights into practice and policy. By bridging the training gaps, this research will contribute to a more informed, capable, and proactive approach to addressing opioid misuse among children and adolescents in educational settings.

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