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Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art



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Gray, Katherine


The Space Between investigates the intricate relationship between perception and reality. By integrating graphic design principles with the optical qualities of glass, the exhibition creates visual distortions that challenge and redefine our understanding of the world. The pervasive use of black throughout the exhibition signifies the vectorized image, a vital element of graphic design and the technological abyss prevalent within our society. The fundamental geometric shapes, coupled with minimalist sculptural forms, employ a graphic approach to highlight visual communication's influence on perception.

Graphic design has a history of shaping public perception. The basis of graphic design is the act of visually communicating thoughts or ideas through visual content, such as text, image, (brand) identity, and color. It is through these subtle and invisible tactics that designers are communicating messages on a global scale. There is inherent power in imagery and representation, as our conditioned minds are programmed to interpret the world through meticulously crafted lenses and manufactured realities.

The objects displayed mirror, distort, and invert our spatial awareness, encouraging visitors to explore the space between perception and reality. In this exploration, the exhibition prompts a fundamental question: Do the conditions of our environments influence the way we perceive the world, or do we see it as it truly is?