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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

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Dr. Nasrin Mohabbati


The purpose of this study is to develop an efficient ride booking application in the ride-hailing sector. The objective of the research is to provide users with an easy way to book rides at reasonable prices and convenient times. This project helps to promote the ride-hailing industry by providing guidance for the creation of real-time applications. This project answered three questions. 1. What are the technology and infrastructure requirements for developing a consolidated online application for centralized ride sharing? 2. What are other examples of application aggregators in other industries than transportation and how do they work? 3. What are the steps for developing an online application that integrates the current ride-sharing applications? This project used the Java programming language to design an Android application in Android Studio that compares different ride fares, wait time and car types. The application made use of a dummy dataset in JSON format that included time, cost, and car type details. The software allows users to enter their origin and destination, and it then presents information on availability, waiting times, estimated costs, and car types. The application development process includes the creation of the dataset, setup of the Android Studio project, data retrieval and merging using Java programming, and tabular data display on a mobile screen. The developed application helps users compare various ride-sharing services, informs riders of available ride charges, and offers estimates for wait times. It assists riders in booking the best ride among various available options across different ride-sharing platforms based on their preferences. development of an efficient ride-sharing application in the ride-hailing industry, aiming to provide users with the ability to book rides at reasonable prices and suitable times. Future developments for ride-efficiency apps include multi-language support, advanced filtering, real-time API integration, ride-sharing service growth, in-app payments, user reviews, personalized suggestions, map integration, and multi-modal growth.