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Master of Science in Computer Science


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Lai Yu, Tong Ph.D.,Dr.


Crimes are a social annoyance and have significant financial costs for our society. Any study that speeds up the investigation of crimes will be profitable. Many distinct methods such as the algorithm apriori, the artificial identifier, the support vector machine (SVM), and the pruning approach, have been discussed in past research publications. VID is used to identify connections between records. A postal bomb may be detected within 600 seconds using the apriori algorithm and the fuzzy association rules method. This study identifies a method for streamlining crime mapping analysis by drawing on the Web logic using Java [6]. Crime analysis is aided by study based on evidence. Using data mining methods, we estimate the crime rate using historical records. Crime analysis employs analytical methods based on both quantitative and qualitative data in order to solve crimes. Crime mapping is a crucial field of study for ensuring the public's protection. Using algorithms for data mining, we may identify which regions have the greatest rate of crime. The following procedures are used in Crime Analysis Mapping to lower the crime rate: (1) Compile statistics on criminal activity 2) Statistics collected from a sample The Clustering Method 4) Making educated guesses based on the information. Understanding the ideas and practice of Crime Analysis via crime mapping aids police in reducing and preventing criminal activity and related social disturbances [6].