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Master of Social Work


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McCaslin, Rosemary


The purpose of this project was to learn about Hispanics’ utilization of hospice care and to increase knowledge about under-utilization of hospice services by the Hispanic community. Research in hospice services indicates that the Hispanic community underutilizes end-of-life resources when compared to their majority counterparts, European Americans. Research that has controlled for variables such as socio-demographic characteristics, medical history, prognosis, and access to health care demonstrate Hispanics significantly under-utilizing hospice services. This project was conducted within Southern California in the cities of Riverside and Anaheim which are predominantly Hispanic communities. A quantitative design was used to explore the perspectives of Hispanic individuals and their views on hospice care services. Data was collected through questionnaires. Results indicated correlations between language preferences and gender as possibly having an impact on knowledge and cultural acceptance of hospice care services.

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