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Master of Arts in Child Development


Child Development

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Dhillon Brar, Manpreet


Latino unaccompanied alien children (UAC) or undocumented migrant children who come to the United States without legal guardianship go through profound challenges and obstacles on their journey to a new country. Beyond the difficulties of traveling, identity is a crucial aspect of development for adolescents as they seek to make meaningful commitments that impact their overall development for future social relationships. Given the challenges that Latino UAC face as they transition from leaving their country of origin to look for better opportunities, their identity becomes increasingly triggered by traumatic encounters they may have experience during or upon arrival (Hasson et al. 2021). This project focused on newly arrived adolescent Latino UAC to support identity development and self-reflection on social identities through an educational workshop for adolescents in Transitional Foster Care programs along with educational pamphlets provided to parents or guardians upon release.