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Master of Arts in Child Development


Child Development

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Wilcox-Herzog, Amanda


Being a college student comes with its responsibilities and challenges. Additionally, being a parent also comes with responsibilities and challenges. For those who classify as both student and parents, there is double the work. The student-parent population in colleges has increased over the past few years and it is important to ensure that their support needs, such as childcare, are taken into consideration. When the COVID-19 pandemic shifted learning to online and childcare centers shut down, student-parents felt the consequences. The purpose of this study was to examine how a student-parent support program (CCAMPIS) impacted academic progress and persistence from 2019 to 2022 when education courses and childcare shifted from in-person to online back to in-person with regulations. This study included 145 student-parents who participated in the program at various times during the years of interest. GPA and academic persistence were examined in relation to modality of course attendance and access to childcare (in-person, online, or returning) and work status. Results from the study found that when student-parents were employed, their persistence levels were higher than student-parents who were not employed. Mode of group participation related to type of instruction and childcare (in-person, online, or returning) were not statistically significant in influencing GPA or persistence levels.