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Master of Arts in Communication Studies


Communication Studies

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Oregel, Roberto S.


In this project, I propose Building Community through the Arts in San Bernardino California. In the recent decade, the city of San Bernardino has lost so much of its motivation and dedication to care for the art community. The local art community has always been present, however, overseen by the lack of resources and efforts in bringing the art community back to life through events, art shows, gatherings, or awareness within the city. The purpose of this project was to educate and bring awareness to the city and its people regarding the forgotten art community in the city of San Bernardino. An autoethnographic documentary video was created to showcase the process of The Unexpected Connection exhibition curated by myself with the help of the community at the All Eyes on Me Studio, in San Bernardino, California. Overall, the video did accomplish the desired result. That is, demonstrating how important it is for people to connect with their community through the arts. Future research may consider having a larger location to host an event and thus be able to include more artists. In addition, future events may include collaboration amongst more local artists to exchange new ideas as a whole and bring a bigger community together.