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Master of Social Work


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Shon, Herbert


This research explored how anti-Asian rhetoric influences the work experiences and lives of Asian American (A.A.) social workers. This is a qualitive, exploratory study that used a non-probability, convenience sample, and snowball technique for sampling, and interviews with participants via Zoom who identified as Asian American and who had completed their master’s degree in social work. It was found that different types of anti-Asian rhetoric influence Asian American social workers’ own expectations of themselves, their mindset, creates fear, and even sets limitations. It was also found that immigration status/generation (first/second generation) has an influence on their experiences as well. This study is the starting point of understanding the experiences an Asian American undergoes in their professional lives to help explore different barriers. Future studies should explore more the generational differences and the effects it has on an Asian American as well as explore the different barriers within the work force they face.

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