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Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art



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Gomez, Edward


Edgar Perez Peña (He, Him, His) is a Queer, Chicanx contemporary figurative painter, who lives and works in the Los Angeles County. A native of Los Angeles, California, his paintings, and assemblages are a strong combination of process, materials, and content that displays his fascination on how physical/psychological space (from where he resides), reflects on the Queer Brown body and its comfort/discomfort in relation to public and private space.

Peña looks at his artistic practice as an opportunity to explore the human condition from the Queer and Brown perspective as well the beginning of healing through the meditative process of painting. Peña’s body functions as a vessel that secures, protects, and feels. His color choices, textures and arrangements lead the viewer in a reflective state, curiosity, and dwelling, while his surfaces show no signs of an end.

He also looks at his ideas of being unfinished fragments that take form into assemblages, drawings, paintings, and photographs in which his paintings and assemblages are used to question our social constructs, gender performance as well how space plays a crucial part on our physical and psychological behavior. Espacio (2023) is a group of mix media paintings that takes place in a state of reflection where themes of private and public space explore the human condition of the Queer and Brown body back to the self, with others and space.