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Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology



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Diaz, Ismael


The aim of the present study was to examine the perceptions of organizational justice on employee outcomes of work engagement, burnout, turnover intentions, and presenteeism. The study used survey data from 329 employees who worked over 30 hours per week in the last six months. Data were analyzed using SPSS 28 and Hayes PROCESS Macro to assess descriptive statistics, correlation, simple linear regression, and mediated path analyses. The results of the study found that perceptions of organizational justice (POJ) positively related to engagement. An inverse relationship was found for POJ, burnout, turnover intention, and presenteeism. Overall, engagement and burnout were found to partially mediate the relationship between POJ and presenteeism and turnover intentions. In conclusion, organizations must be aware of how their practices, procedures, policies, and interactions shape POJ. Organizations that would like to see an increase in engagement and a decrease in burnout, turnover intentions, and presenteeism should instill practices that will uphold and promote POJ.