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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


Information and Decision Sciences

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William Butler


This culminating experience project examined ransomware assaults that have targeted airport management systems over the past ten years, studied the attacks and their defenses, and concluded that the government and industry should work together to develop effective responses. The research questions were: (Q1) What ransomware attacks have affected airport systems between 2012 – 2022? (Q2) What mitigating measures have been taken by the industry? (Q3) What various protocols and recommendations are employed by the government in response to these attacks?

To demonstrate the seriousness of a ransomware assault and how effectively it was handled, a case study was examined. These were the outcomes: (Q1) Ten attacks from around the globe have been examined along with their defenses. (Q2) Each attack was handled differently; some victims paid the ransom, some disregarded the warning, and some suffered just minor damage. (Q3) The Joint Ransomware Guide was developed by CISA and MS-ISAC, and the Ransomware Task Force (RTF) recommendations were submitted by the Institute for Security and Technology (IST). These guidelines and methods primarily support critical infrastructures and ransomware.

Further areas of study include the use of the data to develop a specific ransomware protocol for airport management systems.