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Master of Arts in English and Writing Studies



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Fernandez, Miriam


Angie Thomas’s novel, The Hate U Give, is an African American Young Adult novel (AAYA) that captures the violence and devastating effects of police brutality and the gruesome rhetorical strategies that the dominant public sphere uses to criminalize, regulate, and dehumanize Black Americans. In this paper, I use the theoretical framework of counter-storytelling, the theoretical concept of homing, and the rhetorical strategy of framing, to analyze how Thomas exposes the ways in which the dominant public sphere silences, excludes, and discredits the voices and experiences of Black people to give readers access to the dominant public sphere in order to critique its foundations. Through counter-storytelling, homing, and rhetorical framing, The Hate U Give constructs a new counterpublic where the voices at the margins are brought to the center, where fiction and reality are interconnected, and where counternarratives model for readers how to confront and deconstruct systemic racism and oppression.