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Master of Social Work


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Schott, Erik EdD., MSW, LCSW


The present study investigated how social media use has an impact on Body Identification among Young Adults. Both female and male participants (N=104) from the ages 18-30 were randomly sent a link that would take them directly to a survey. The survey took approximately five minutes for the participants to complete. Participants were asked a set of questions regarding what they saw on social media that made them feel insecure about their body image. Many of the participants responded that the main content that would make them feel dissatisfied with their body on social media was about fitness, cosmetic surgery, hourglass figures, and unattainable body goals. The study demonstrated that both male and females did experience body dissatisfaction, however, females had a higher percentage. Although social media has a great influence in today’s generation, more research is needed to better understand the impact of social media on body dissatisfaction.

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