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Master of Social Work


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Davis, Thomas


Undocumented Students face many challenges in their daily lives. Accessing higher education is a challenge alone. Many undocumented students get discouraged to attend higher education due to financial constraints. The students that do attend institutions for higher education encounter different challenges. According to Murillo (2017), 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school each year nationwide; however, only half (49%) attain a degree or enroll in college. Many institutions have developed Undocumented Student Resource Centers to provide a safe and welcoming environment for undocumented students. The purpose of this study explored how Undocumented Student Resource Centers support undocumented students throughout their educational journey. The research questions that will guide this study: What role do Undocumented Student Resource Centers (USRC) play in supporting undocumented students in higher education? Using a qualitative study design the researcher conducted individual Zoom interviews to gain insight into the experiences undocumented students have when they utilize the Undocumented Resource Center and the role these centers play throughout their education.