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Master of Public Health


Health Science and Human Ecology

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Monideepa B. Becerra


Background Oral health is an important factor to maintain overall health and well-being, such as students’ knowledge, attitude, and practice. Currently, there is a limited amount of research related to oral health awareness in college students.

Objective The purpose of the study was to define the importance of oral health and investigate college students’ understanding related to oral health. Moreover, research shows how students are protecting their oral hygiene.

Results: The outcomes revealed the college student's awareness and understanding of oral health. According to the survey questions, students believe that dental health is a significant aspect of overall health management. Furthermore, students demonstrate their understanding of oral health through survey questions, and dentists get a sense of what the current understanding level for oral health is, how many students are suffering from various problems, and whether they are using accurate tools; if not, the dentist can assist them in gaining more knowledge about different tools based on the disease. Furthermore, survey questions reveal what hurdles exist between college students and dentists, and dentists may endeavor to overcome such barriers. Ultimately, dental health is an important component of general health and well-being. To maintain excellent oral health, it is essential to practice good oral hygiene practices, eat a balanced diet, and visit a dentist on a regular basis.

Conclusion In conclusion, the significance of oral health should be emphasized. Practicing appropriate oral health practices, such as brushing on a regular basis, can help to avoid the development of a variety of oral illnesses and problems. Neglecting oral health can result in dental cavities, periodontal illnesses, oral cancer, Noma, and other oral health disorders, all of which can have a substantial influence on a person's general health and quality of life.