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Master of Social Work


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Morris, Teresa


This study focused on the macro level implementation of the Safety Organized Practice framework for best practice in Child Welfare social work. Safety Organized Practice is a social work framework for engagement with families that is used in California and various other states. It is a relatively new approach to social work in Child Welfare so many agencies are in various stages of implementation. This study gathered qualitative data through virtual interviews with social workers.

The key findings of this study were that Safety Organized Practice implementation needs to start at the supervisor and management level to ensure social workers have the support they need when applying the new tools and techniques in their direct practice. The other key finding in this study was that social workers need the time to invest in trying a new approach and that is always going to be a challenge in this field. If an agency is hoping to fully implement Safety Organized Practice, consideration has to be made to the demands of Child Welfare social work and the worker’s ability to learn and practice a new skill.

This study can be used for Child Welfare agencies to reference when starting to implement or considering the implementation of Safety Organized Practice to help the process be more efficient, successful, and supportive for the social workers and agency.

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