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Master of Social Work


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Smith, Laurie


There has been limited research regarding the effects of corporal punishment on parents. This qualitative study examined the effects of corporal punishment on parents and the reasoning behind their particular discipline practices. The study provides an overview of the thoughts and emotions parents feel before and after utilizing corporal punishment. The data were collected through interviews of parents who utilized corporal punishment as their main form of discipline. We interviewed parents through Zoom meetings in order to gather data that would help this study. Researchers interviewed eight parents who expressed the effects they experienced from utilizing corporal punishment. Analysis of the interviews found that parents utilized corporal punishment due to different factors such as generational use of corporal punishment, emotional stressors, personal daily life stressors, or lack of knowledge of other forms of discipline. We found that parents regretfully utilized corporal punishment and viewed it as a negative form of discipline. Parents were interested in looking for alternative forms of discipline to utilize in order to have their children grow and be independent individuals in society.