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Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology



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Dr. Mark Agars


Prior research has established the importance of understanding topics such as identity management and authenticity in the workplace for the lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities. However, minimal research has been conducted on the unique experiences of transgender employees. Studying identity management for transgender employees can help researchers understand concealment and disclosure behaviors, which can impact employee work experiences. Efforts can be made to promote authenticity through a supportive environment inside the workplace and by encouraging inclusivity at work. Through interviews with 10 participants, this study identified precursors to authenticity for transgender employees, explored the support factors that influence the work experiences of transgender employees, and explored identity management among transgender employees in the workplace to inform organizations on how to move forward as a more inclusive workplace. The findings of this study suggest that support is tied to the positive and negative experiences of the participants regarding authenticity and identity management. Support was a central part of the participants' positive experiences, and the negative experiences resulted from a lack of support in the workplace. This study also outlines some notable support factors that contributed to the participants' experiences, such as support groups and inclusive policies and procedures. These findings suggest that organizational support is more than having supportive coworkers but entails much more, which is essential for creating an inclusive environment for transgender employees.