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Master of Arts in Child Development


Child Development

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Stacy Morris Ph.D



In this project, I propose a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) workshopseries for kindergarten through second-grade teachers. In the recent decade, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on mental health, SEL programs have gained attention, and many have recognized the need for these programs in the classroom (Katz,2020). Early integration of SEL (e.g., in early childhood and elementary school classrooms) is essential to lifelong social and emotional development and positive outcomes (Mondi et al., 2021). However, SEL may feel difficult for teachers to incorporate in the classroom; teachers may learn about SEL broadly and inconsistently; thus, they feel a need to gain more information and tools before feeling confident in their understanding (Bridgeland, 2013). The proposed project consists of a six-workshop series that will provide teachers with knowledge on SEL basics and aspects of SEL that are important for elementary school classrooms; this series will also provide resources on SEL activities. This workshop series will build teachers’ knowledge of SEL in early and middle childhood as well as add to preexisting knowledge while supporting their confidence and efficacy. The potential impact of this program will be discussed.