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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


College of Business and Public Administration

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Butler, William


The purpose of this study was to determine which attributes within existing Enterprise Architecture frameworks are trending in recent, successful implementations within healthcare. The research questions were: Q1. What attributes were used within Enterprise Architecture in the healthcare industry? Q2. What are the limitations of those attributes? Q3. How can those attributes assist in successful Enterprise Architecture implementations? To uncover these attributes in practical work, this study used a trend analysis of current qualitative data of the healthcare industry and in recent implementations. The findings were as follows: Q1. Eight attributes were identified in practical healthcare work, the two most important being Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things. Q2. Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things both require significant resources from the organization to be utilized effectively. Q3. Successful Enterprise Architecture implementation centers around communication, knowledge, and training, and Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things offer a variety of solutions in this space to assist in business processes to deliver efficient communication, store a knowledge base, and administer trainings. The conclusions were: (Q1) Cloud Computing is being heavily utilized in the healthcare industry, especially after the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Internet of Things pairs well with Cloud Computing as many devices utilize a cloud infrastructure. (Q2) Regardless of the limitations of Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things, they are still vital to the successful implementation of Enterprise Architecture methodologies. (Q3) Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things offer a wide variety of solutions to deliver successful communication, knowledge, and training like Microsoft Azure paired with Microsoft Teams. Areas for further study include: (a), investigating healthcare organizations now that the surge of COVID-19 patients has subsided, and (b), monitoring changes in Enterprise Architecture frameworks over time.