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Master of Social Work


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Smith, Laurie


This research study used qualitative methods to identify the specific components of a teen mother support group that participants found most helpful. The purpose of this research was to highlight the support group's unique traits that attribute to their success in aiding teen mothers in graduating from high school, obtaining higher education, obtaining stable employment, and achieving their parenting goals. The study is composed of one-on-one interviews with three teen mothers who have been connected to the support group for over eight years. The responses suggest that four components of the support group help teen mothers in achieving success in higher education, stable employment and goals related to parenting. The combination of support from leaders, support from other group members, resources and education allows members of the support group to succeed in achieving their goals. These findings contribute to social work research as it offers suggestions for future government programs to consider when working with teen mothers. The research is relevant as abortions as well as access to contraception becomes increasingly difficult.

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