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Master of Social Work


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McAllister, Carolyn


High turnover rates continue to plague the field of social work highlighting the need for a new approach. This mixed-method study explores the relationship between the adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) of social workers and their resilience in the field. Quantitative data was gathered from an online survey including demographic information and social workers’ ACEs scores. Qualitative data was gathered from interviews relating to social workers’ resilience and coping mechanisms employed in the field. The quantitative data was analyzed for any correlations and patterns based on demographic information. A thematic analysis was completed to identify common themes and points of discussion in the collected qualitative data. Significant relationships between participants’ gender and their ACE and resilience scores were found. The study also identified a significant relationship between participant’s education level and their ACE scores. This study hopes to bring light to a potential area of focus for future research and intervention development aimed at curbing high turnover rates in the social work field and encouraging a supportive work environment for social workers everywhere.

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