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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Carolyn McAllister, PhD, MSW



Socioeconomic status impacts a variety of mental health outcomes, including language development. Delays in language development have consistently been linked to poverty. Decreases in vocabulary and phonological awareness are among developmental delays in school-aged children living in poverty. This research aims to contribute to the field of human services by examining the negative impacts of poverty on language development from a social worker’s perspective. As social workers thrive to serve disadvantaged populations, this research brings awareness to how language development deficiencies occur in school-aged children living in poverty.

To fulfill the purpose of this study, a quantitative, descriptive/explanatory design will be implemented. Descriptive statistics will be utilized to identify the demographic profile of the respondents from the obtained data. Furthermore, multiple bi-variate analyses will be used to assess a significant relationship between poverty and language development.