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Master of Social Work


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McCaslin, Rosemary


This study used an explorative quantitative survey method for the purpose of examining bullying among older adults in retirement homes and the consequences of bullying among this population. The study also explored the type of bullying that occurs in the community. Senior community centers were the significant domains in which to research bullying among older adults because it involved immersion of the researcher into an environment of older adults who knew one another and have witnessed or have been victims of bullying in their retirement home communities. The primary purpose of this investigation was to enhance research on bullying among older adults in retirement homes. Another purpose of this research was to address the consequences of bullying in older adults and to address mental and physical consequences of bullying addressed in previous research. Currently there is not much research done on bullying among older adults. This study found that many older adults living in retirement homes are being bullied and many of them are not speaking up and isolating themselves for the purpose of avoiding their bullies. Moreover, this study shows that staff members of the retirement communities are lacking the knowledge of the bullying problem in their community. The study suggests that future studies on bullying among older adults include qualitative research to determine if older adults understand the difference of bullying and “just being grumpy” and also explore a qualitative research regarding the perpetrator of bullying and not the victims of bullying.

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