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Master of Social Work


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Carolyn McAllister


Thousands of children who face terminal illnesses die annually in the United States, 10% of those children and their families have hospice care services available. Through this study, the importance of social work involvement in hospice care transitions for ill children and their families were examined. Due to the scarcity of social work in hospice care settings, this study helped amplify research on the importance of social workers in hospice care for ill children and their families. The study consisted of individual interviews held via Zoom with medical social workers that have experience working in pediatric hospice care. The individual interviews were 30 to 60 minutes in duration. The data that was collected from participants through audio recordings, was also transcribed to identify common patterns through thematic analysis. The study supported the goal of expanding further research on social work importance for pediatric hospice care and assisted in educating on the importance of social work in a medical care team.

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