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Master of Science in Computer Science


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Zhang, Yan


MAX FIT Gym is looking for an event management software program to help manage activities very efficiently, along with attendees and environmental statistics. The event management program is developed and deployed using the Salesforce platform. MAX FIT can efficiently create, edit, and remove events and send email alerts to clients. This task operated on opportunities captured under MAX FIT, including all clients, and prepared information in the Salesforce cloud. This also includes product inventory with various varieties of protein products, and business owners can also add more products to their inventory. In the event management program, the event addresses within the USA are verified through third-party service providers. MAX FIT Event Management application provides a platform to manage clients information and selling MAX FIT’s protein products to the clients, and all the data related to the application can be stored on the cloud. The protein product inventory is specially built for the MAX FIT events, and clients can place an order online after the event. A developer has developed the whole process in the application, from creating the event to the placement of product orders.