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Master of Social Work


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Armando Barragán, PhD, MSW


This study sought to understand the challenges homeless men with HIV/AIDS face when seeking housing. The research used a post-positivist paradigm. The study included interviews with housing specialists who work with homeless men with HIV/AIDS. The housing specialists work at a non-profit agency serving a large urban county in Southern California. Information obtained from this research allowed the agency to provide better support and services to homeless HIV/AIDS men in the future.

The study uncovered the following challenges homeless men with HIV/AIDS face when seeking housing: affordable housing in safe areas, substance abuse in the homeless population, individuals with mental health and mental health services, HIV/AIDS discrimination, and wraparound services, including transportation. The findings from the study will help agencies, cities, and governments determine what areas and resources are needed for homeless individuals with HIV/AIDS. The study presented that the government should lower the cost of living or provide more low-income housing. Then deliver more wraparound services for homeless HIV/AIDS individuals.

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