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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


College of Business and Public Administration

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Shayo, Conrad


Car Accidents are a significant public safety hazard to everyone all over the world. Recently, car manufacturers have tried to implement Automated Driving Systems into their vehicles to help drivers and decrease the accident rate. This culminating project analyzed whether Automated Driving Systems have decreased or increased the accident rate in the United States using automated vehicle data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The analysis platform was built using RStudio and Excel. The research questions were: Q1: What amount of autonomous vehicle accidents occurred in each state between 2021 and 2022? Q2: What manufacturer and maker have been involved in the most accidents? Q3: What month/year have accidents occurred the most? Q4: What were the factors surrounding these accidents? Q5: What solutions can we implement to reduce autonomous car road traffic collisions? The findings and conclusions are: Q1: More accidents occurred in 2021 and most were in the state of California. Q2: The manufacturing company, Waymo LLC, and the maker, Jaguar, have been involved in the most accidents. Q3: Most accidents occurred in November of 2021 with 19 crashes in total. Q4: The factors surrounding these accidents were most crashes occurred on the streets and intersections, on dry surfaces, with a posted speed limit of 25 miles per hour, and during the daylight. Q5: Solutions we can implement to reduce autonomous car road traffic collisions are building more railroads and trains, to partner with national programs to release road traffic information and create enhanced data systems to make necessary changes. Areas for further study include collecting data from other countries to further understand if they are also experiencing the same issues and what actions they have taken.

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