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Master of Arts in English and Writing Studies



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Marshall, David


This thesis is divided in three parts to argue that Emma in the series, Marianne, is homosexual. The first section explains that the witch, Marianne, embodies Emma’s repressed homosexual desires and that her reintroduction to Emma’s life signifies her break away from heteronormative expectations. The second section centers on how religion contributes to Emma’s internal conflict regarding her sexuality. She struggles with choosing which religion to embrace: Christianity, which doesn’t support homosexuality, or witchcraft, which does support homosexuality. The third section explains the strategic choices that the series took to portray Emma’s acceptance of herself and witchcraft. The series uses love triangles and the act of writing to link Emma to Marianne, witchcraft, and homosexuality. The conclusion ultimately comes together to emphasize the importance of the series and this analysis to bring more attention to queer, homosexual women in horror.