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Master of Social Work


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Barragán, Armando


Project Rebound is an educational based program that supports justice impacted individuals in obtaining higher education. The purpose of this study is to explore specific social determinants of health for these justice impacted students, and how these social determinants may improve after graduation. Specifically, this study will examine participants’ housing, mental health, substance use, employment, and finances during and after their participation in Project Rebound. This study is important, as there is little research on Project Rebound, their alumni, and how social determinants of health may be impacted by enrollment. This study is quantitative, and uses online surveys to gather results. Between-subjects t-tests were used to determine significance, and a priori power analysis was conducted for each variable. The survey found that there was a significant difference between the alumni’s first year of enrollment at Project Rebound and their last year after graduation in housing quality, housing stability, stress levels, general mental health, alcohol use, general substance use, financial strain, and financial stability. However, the obtained sample size was only adequate to test the study hypothesis in housing quality and housing stability