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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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Sapozhnikov-Levine, Brooklyn


Purpose: The study focused on the school-based suicide prevention program for LGBTQ students. It aimed to identify risk factors facing LGBTQ students and examine the areas for improvements on the current suicide prevention program to better support LGBTQ students.

Methods: The study was conducted with the support of mental health professionals serving high school students. The study adopted post-positivism and utilized ecological systems theory as the theoretical orientation. Qualitative research instruments including one-on-one interviews were employed for data collection.

Results: Seven themes emerged from this study, including the lack of social support and acceptance, internal struggles with identity in heteronormative society, risk assessment as the main preventive measure, over-generic suicide prevention program, the need for support group for LGBTQ students, LGBTQ-inclusive school culture and the need for LGBTQ inclusivity training for school staff.

Implications: This study provides mental health professionals with the insights into risk factors facing LGBTQ students and this study is helpful for them to gain a better understanding of the current suicide prevention initiatives in school settings. It also identifies what improvements should be made to current suicide prevention program to better support the gender and sexual minorities in school settings to minimize and prevent suicide risk.

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