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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Nasrin Mohabbati and Conard Shayo.


India is one of the largest developing countries in the whole world. There is an increasing trend in the number of vehicles on the roads of India. The increasing number of vehicles leads to rising congestion in large cities. The primary purpose of this project is to determine a proper strategy to solve some of the traffic problems in India like inadequate mass transit, time delays, and blockage on road causing mergers resulting in fatal injuries. The development of effective strategic terms for operating the traffic system of India will need the incorporation of Intelligent Transportation Systems. In this study, first, a comprehensive review of the traffic systems in the world has been done to investigate the existing problems and possible solutions implemented by different countries. Next, India’s traffic system has been studied in more detail to understand the existing problems of the traffic management system. Based on the literature review, Intelligent Transportation Systems have been utilized in different countries to help solve traffic issues. Therefore, an investigation has been done in this research about different tools, techniques, and applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems. This study also includes the use of several case studies implemented in different countries involving Intelligent Transportation Systems tools and techniques to solve their traffic problems. Based on those studies, a step-by-step framework is designed to develop a strategy for an effective traffic system. This strategy can help India’s government and traffic authorities to deal with and solve some of the traffic problems.