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Master of Science in Computer Science


School of Computer Science and Engineering

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Khan, Bilal


Udrop is meant to be a global platform to seamlessly deliver content by simply “dropping” content at designated locations for select users. Users can drop content in the form of texts, short videos, and pictures, which users will then be able to share with their friends. Udrop features will provide an interactive user

experience for users to socialize and expand their social circles. Udrop ensures scalability, reliability, and a manageable innovative social application by using cloud services. Currently Udrop is in a beta-trial with 10 to 20 users generating anywhere from 5 to 15 records, drops, per user. Udrop’s end-user interface and internal system design ensure that user requirements such as low latency, clear graphical design, and reliable service are addressed. Udrop will provide everyday social media users a new take on how their social media can provide a more meaningful interaction with their audience.