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Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art



First Reader/Committee Chair

Dr. Jane Chin-Davidson


My work is driven by my experiences as a woman, mother, in pregnancy and giving birth. My work investigates the censorship of women’s bodies, and explores the ways in which we can reconnect with and reclaim our power as autonomous beings in society. I employ storytelling to create space to acknowledge my own trauma, make space for people to tell their own story, and focus on healing through normalizing and de-censoring my body. By illustrating things like birth, menstruation, and miscarriage I ask the audience to even consider them. I am mindful of the idea that the things that we see often are considered normal, and the things that we don’t see are the things that we often feel disconnected from. My work insights the spirit of investigation into the human experiences that connect us all and ultimately questions the treatment of these experiences in society.