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Master of Social Work


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Smith, Laurie


Migrant children entering the United States face unique challenges when being introduced to the country’s public education system. Not properly addressing the adversities migrant children and families face and their effective resources and strengths when navigating a new educational system can cause a detrimental delay to their potential academic success. This study sought to investigate the educational disruptions experienced by migrant students. This study also explored the relationship between the unique strengths migrant students possess and their use by school staff to the interventions utilized. This study utilized a qualitative design of primary data collected on the experiences of six Counseling Therapist supporting migrant students in a school district located in Southern California. The findings suggested that educational disruptions experienced by migrant students can be decreased by a further understanding of their social emotional needs, support in language barriers, and an increase in team approaches. Results from this study have implications for social work practice related to advocacy and outreach efforts as well as the collaborative relationship needed to support this population.