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Master of Social Work


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Carolyn McAllister



Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACES, are traumatic events that happen from ages 0-18. ACEs have been linked to physical and emotional issues in adulthood. Some issues include chronic disease, struggles with mental health, and the adoption of maladaptive coping skills. This research sought to assess the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences in parenting skills, overall life satisfaction, and the use of resilient coping skills on Hispanic parents residing in Southern California. The study utilizes an online survey to gather numerical data on the impact of ACES in the areas of life mentioned above. A bivariate analysis was used to analyze if there is a correlation between ACEs, parenting skills, life satisfaction, and the use of resilient coping strategies. The results of this study showed there is no significant relationship between ACEs and the factors listed above. However, there were several limitations to the study. The research findings provide the invitation for further research and evaluation of the impact of traumatic experiences in childhood, or ACEs, for social work professionals interested in early intervention and prevention services.

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