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Master of Science in Information Systems and Technology


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Shayo, Corad


Emissions have continued to change over the years, but how have they affected the environment and the health of individuals? To acquire more information on this topic this culminating experience project investigated the specific emission gasses that are released, the difference between emissions during the manufacturing and emissions during the life-time of the car, and the effects that emissions create on the environment and the population. The four research questions were: 1. What are the health effects on people who are exposed to emission gases? 2. What are the environmental effects when emission gases are released? 3. What part of the automobile manufacturing process releases the most and least amount of emission gasses? 4. How will emission gasses affect the environment and people in the future? Data was collected from the Environmental Protection Agency, Center of Disease Control, Department of Energy and Case Studies that analyzed the different emission gases in the automobile industry and how they affect the environment and people’s health. The findings were: Q1. that the environment and people’s health are still affected but, the automobile industry has begun to limit their emission release by recycling, treating, disposing, and recovering the energy that is used, Q2. that emissions affect the environment by hydrocarbons reacting with oxides of nitrogen which create ozone and develop into smog, greenhouse gasses and acid rain which can cause climate change and raise Earth’s temperatures. Q3. that painting an automobile releases the most amount of Carbon Dioxide emissions compared to other manufacturing portions, Q4. that current health effects are caused by exposure to emission gasses during the manufacture and operation of an automobile, but new regulations have implemented limits on the emissions that are released. The conclusion is that emission gases have decreased over time due to the implementation of regulations on the automobile industry, but they still cause harm to the environment and people’s health. Additionally, people can turn to Electric Vehicles (EVs) or methane fuel to decrease their carbon footprint. It is recommended that further research be conducted to determine if emission gasses have continued to decrease and if additional laws and regulations have been passed to limit emission gas release during the operating and manufacturing process of automobiles.

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