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Master of Social Work


School of Social Work

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McAllister, Carolyn


The study aimed to recognize the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on the undocumented immigrants living in southern California. Utilizing an exploratory method with a qualitative approach. The research interviewed English and Spanish-speaking participants who are a part of the undocumented population and have employee history. The study utilized a purposive and snowball sampling method and explored the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on participants’ personal finances, resources they were able to access, and gaps in programs or additional resources through federal and state aid. Through the data analysis, the research identified the following themes: limitations on accessible resources, an increase in anxious and stressful feelings, both increase and decrease in monetary income, and feelings of somewhat to denied feelings of inclusivity in relief programs or aid. A limitation of the study was the small sample size, therefore, not being able to generalize to the larger population. Lastly, recommendations for the social work practice include the advocacy for services provided to the undocumented population to reduce the gap of inequalities and create social justice. In addition to being able to professionally assist undocumented individuals seeking mental health services with no expectations of significant pay.