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Master of Public Health


Health Science and Human Ecology

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Becerra, Monideepa


Background: The COVID-19 pandemic created a unique situation for healthcare providers worldwide. The highly infectious nature of the COVID-19 virus required many countries to impose strict lockdowns and limit access to select health services such as sexual health services. The present study was designed to explore the role of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare services, specifically sexual health services.

Methods: A cross- sectional study design was selected to evaluate the burden of the pandemic on sexual health services. Participants responses were obtained anonymously using an online survey. Data was analyzed through descriptive statistics and bivariate analyses using IBM SPSS version 28. Results were determined to be significant if p < .05.

Results: A higher proportion of the study population reported that they felt healthcare services had been limited (56.4%). Approximately 1 in 6 study participants reported that they felt mistreated at a healthcare facility, and a common reason for patient mistreatment was poor patient-clinician communication.

Conclusion: In order to expand access to sexual health services, future research needs to examine the effectiveness of increasing operational hours of healthcare facilities.

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